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Nome: LeaAndrea Johnson

Idade: 28
Residente em: Midwest, USA
Website: http://www.losstarot.org/  e http://lilykane.deviantart.com/

Broken Sweetheart by *lilykane on deviantART

Kazuya and Lee II by *lilykane on deviantART

Jin Kazama V by *lilykane on deviantART

Hannah the Lonesome by *lilykane on deviantART

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Kiss is a lesbian character from Silvia Kiss, member of dykerama and writer from the site "Parada lésbica" (Lesbian Parade). Her Comics will be on our first edition that, in case you don't know, will be published on November 7. 

Kiss and friends:
Boy:  Sigh, Kiss introduce me to some of your friends! I Want to hang out and kiss someone!
Kiss: Who?
Boy: I saw a few hotties on your orkut friends list: Dé, Paulo and Túlio!
Kiss: Huh...Dé is butchy, Paulo is Straight and Túlio is a straight transexual...
Boy: Jeez...such diversity kills me. Beeing single is my fabulous fate...


Kiss on Work:
Woman: Kiss, do you drive?
Kiss: Yes...
Woman: I Knew it! You really seem to be the kind that fix plumbings, install showers and know all about cars...
Kiss: In sum, I seem to be kind of  lesbian, isn't it?

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Katita is another lesbian comics written by Anita Costa Prado with art made by Ronaldo.
They'll be on our first edition too. \o/



1- TPM= PMT (com T, de tension; premenstrual tension)

2- Katita: - There is so many beautyful women in Brazil
Dodô: It's true, Katita
Katita: It makes me sad, Dodô...
Dodô: Why?
Katita: Life is short, I'can't date them all...

3-Katita: Hey Josi, How is Hairy doing? 
Josi: You pervert! What kind of question is that?
Katita: But Josi...
Josi: Don't say anything Katita! I'm offended and i'm leaving! 
Katita: Jezz, I just wanted to know about the poddle she got

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We got on our first edition a fabulous article about QUEERCORE written by Mamá, from the band TEU PAI JA SABE? (in english: "Do your Daddy already know?") whose songs critisize homofobia and hipocrisy with humor and attitude. Listen to their songs at : www.myspace.com/teupaijasabe


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:spotlight-left: [ATTENTION ARTISTS!]- MENINE MAGAZINE:spotlight-right:
(Para ver em português clique aqui)

The MENINE Magazine which is intented to publish Comics and articles related to underground culture for the Gay public is searching for insterested talents to participate on this project.

It is not a pornographic publication, however sex content will be not forbidden as long as necessary to the context of the material. We want people to read for the pleasure of reading, not for the pleasure of getting excitted...

Unfortunately, there will be no remuneration. This is the beginning of a project that is still searching for resources to be published in a higher scale. But if it works you may be famous!

Whoever wants to participate might send us:

:pride: single Comics (one chapter stories) with no more than 10 pages. Gay themed comics of any kind (romance, comedy, sci-fi, adventure, etc...). Original characters only. High resolution pages (300 dpi or more)and A4 size.

:pride: Cartoons that fits on A4 size, using originals characters. Preferentially spotlighting themes that use to be considered taboos with comedy (you can talk about sex, drugs and rock&roll as long you avoid to be preconcptous).

:pride: Articles and Abstracts- Cool and diverse subjects. Styles,tendencies, news and relevant information about movies, music and all kinds of art are welcome.

You can send your material until october 25.
(but you can send later, waiting for to participate on second edition...)

send to the following e-mail:


*We'll have the poet and writer Anita Costa Prado bringing the comics
of her funny lesbian character Katita.

Magno, is an illustrator and interested in the "queer universe":

And the art of  Will Oliveira:

Mastro by ~WillOliveira on deviantART

Zegredinho by ~WillOliveira on deviantART

Atoro o Perigon by ~WillOliveira on deviantART

Insane-tea by ~WillOliveira on deviantART

Cama de Gato by ~WillOliveira on deviantART